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Knocking on the Sky Part 2

Addiction sucks.

I’m not sure this particular experience qualifies since I’ve had a much harder time giving up things like sugar and nicotine but it’s still a serious challenge to wade through the symptoms of withdrawal knowing that relief is a simple cup of coffee away.

Today the lethargy let up significantly only to be replaced by deep seated headaches. A little bit of ibuprofen solved that so it really hasn’t been that bad. Perception has slowed and mentally I’m not as sharp but I think that will come back in time. Still breathing and, in a fortunate twist of fate, tonight’s yoga class focused on pranayama and that pretty much killed the last of the symptoms. For now at least. I wish I had known even a little about breathwork with I gave up cigarettes the first time.

As far as the meditation practice, I’m finding the cave pretty quickly but at this point in the process, the symptoms pull me out.  So that will get better with time. Dreamtime continues to be longer, more fluid and more involved.

The experiment continues tonight and tomorrow.

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