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Copper and Cobalt Raku

Here is proof of more good results with the copper and cobalt glaze I talked about a few posts ago. I’m not going to go so far as to call it bullet proof but it’s being fairly consistent in terms of colors and results while still offering surprises. Not sure you can ask more from a good raku glaze.

I’m going to work on some more complex designs since I’ve run out of test pots and I have some ideas now. Plus it’s fall which makes for good firing weather especially at night.

And speaking of projects, I set a new gallon of mead to brew and added cinnamon to another gallon in the hopes of making a metheglin. Maybe it will be ready to drink by the holidays which will be pushing it but one can hope.

I’m ready to move up to five gallon batches I think but I’m also wondering if I can throw my own carboys. It would be a challenge but to have three or four ceramic carboys of ones own design and creation would be a lot of fun.

So sipping cinnamon mead while watching a kiln burning in the cool of the night will be happening this year.

If the mead makes good and the kiln don’t fall apart.

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