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Music Mondays: Tengger Calvary

The first Dan Carlin podcast I experienced was Wrath of the Khans which lead me into some fairly deep investigations of Mongolia and her culture. Which is how I discovered Tengger Calvary, a Mongolian Folk Metal band that uses the traditional Mongolian throat singing along with some traditional Mongolian musical instruments all bound together with modern metal.

Tengger Cavalry, Mongolian Folk Music

It is an absolutely insane mix that absolutely works. They even use traditional Mongolian folk songs that sing about the open steppes and good horse and praise Genghis Khan. Just set to metal.

Modern metal is stagnating hard at the moment. Everyone is locked into the growl/scream thing and the community has fragmented into a ridiculous number of sub-genres which dilutes and demeans the energy that the metal style of music was suppose to deliver. There are exceptions and break-aways but I was afraid that the genre as a whole was done for.

Tengger Calvary brings us back to the roots. Driving rythyms, distorted guitars and high energy and lots of fun.

For a little more context and comparison here is some traditional Mongolian throat singing:


Tengger Cavalry, founded in March 2010 as one-man project by Nature Ganganbaigal.[6] The band is named after the ancient Mongolian and Turkic deity Tengri, is a heavy metal band originated from Inner Mongolia and Beijing and currently based in New York state and Texas. They combine elements of the traditional music of Central Asia and music of Mongolia with heavy metal into a kind of folk metal that Billboard and CNN refer to as nomadic folk metal.” -Wikipedia


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